How This Works

    We’ve abandoned unfair alphabetical listings.

    It’s real simple.  The latest shoots come in from the top left of our front page and roll off to the right as newer postings arrive.  It’s the fastest way for clients to discover the most recent faces in the industry. Print resolution comp cards are available on every talent page.

    Contact Sharon Pfitzinger for more selections from our database.

    This web site is designed to get models started on the right foot. Here, they have a place that can get them work immediately, even at the beginning of their career. Some just want the experience of feeling like a model for a day. But most are serious and planning to continue their development with future photo shoots, workshops, and training. We believe that clients should have equal access to all new faces. One never knows when that new star might appear!

    SNAP [snap]v

    to break suddenly… as in ‘breaking news”

    SNAPSHOT: a photograph…

    TYRO [tyro]n

    somebody who is just beginning to learn something

    novice • trainee • learner • newcomer • apprentice

    Models and Actors who continue pursuing their careers in a professional manner are rightfully transferred to SnapTyro is a division of Images Agency.  It is designed to connect the newest available talent with creative media professionals in a most efficient manner.